Employment Contact Information

Temp Center Contact information:
720 University Place 
Evanston, IL 60208
Phone: 847/467-3318

Fax: 847/563-1328


How to Apply

Application opens early January 2017!

Apply to available positions via the Northwestern Human Resources Job Search Site. Search by entering CTD in the keywords field, and all available CTD positions will be returned. You may also search by Job Posting number, listed below. Please continue checking this website, as we will remove positions that become full, and post positions of particularly high need.

Download this document for a quick view of the steps for applying to work at Northwestern with CTD this summer. Please submit only one online application. You will be considered for the 4 positions you indicate on your supplemental application form. Applying multiple times will result in automatic rejection emails for each duplicate application from the HR system.

In addition to your NU HR application, you must complete our online Supplemental Application. You will be sent a link to this upon completion of your NU application. Your staff application will not be complete or considered without it. Positions are reviewed and filled on a rolling basis.

Academic Staff

Residential Staff

Office & Administrative Staff

Evanston Northwestern University Campus Site
Solstice, Apogee, Spectrum & Equinox (grades 4–12)

Elmhurst College Campus Site
Spark & Solstice (grades 3–6)

Off Campus Sites
Leapfrog and Spark (PreK–grade 4)

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